Orthodontic Screenings for Tooth Eruption and Growth and Development

Braces and Orthodontics in Red Deer, Alberta.

Orthodontic treatment is a very common dental treatment these days, as people understand the need for well-aligned teeth and jaws to ensure proper function and an esthetic smile, whether for an adult or child's teeth alignments. Our team at House Dental Centre is trained to assess each patient's orthodontic status and suggest any treatment that may be beneficial or required.
Aligning Children's Teeth

Aligning Children's Teeth:

We carefully monitor children's development in order to identify potential problems with tooth eruption, bite, spacing or crowding, and jaw development. We will discuss and monitor each patient carefully and suggest interventions that may be needed to help provide care early and to identify concerns. We are happy to refer your child to the orthodontist of your choice to help us in providing appropriate care as your child develops.

  Aligning Adult's Teeth

Aligning Adult's Teeth:

We also encourage adults to consider orthodontic treatment and maximize their natural smile potential and function. These days, Orthodontic treatment encompasses all age groups and can transform your smile and bite into a healthy, esthetic and functional state. The House Dental Centre is happy to suggest orthodontists that will provide the best long-term care for your teeth, while giving you the results you desire.

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