Professional Dental Cleaning in Red Deer, Alberta

Professional Dental Cleaning in Red Deer

Dentists and / or Registered Dental Hygienists will perform dental cleanings for you or your family in order to remove calculus (tartar) and plaque. The examination will also include a fluoride treatment and a teeth polishing treatment, if required. During dental hygiene appointments, the dental hygienist typically conducts the procedure, ensuring to effectively check-up on the following:

1. The dentist or hygienist will be removing calculus, which is formed by existing plaque, which has remained on certain teeth for a long enough period of time to cause it to harden and firmly bond, causing potential future complications. Calculus accumulates above and below the gum lines and can only be removed using certain dental instruments.

2. Removal of plaque: Plaque is a sticky and scarcely visible film that forms over teeth. It is a living deposit of bacterial culture, food particles, and saliva. The bacteria release poisonous, toxins and typically causes inflammation in the gums. Inflammation is a symptom of the onset of advanced periodontal disease.

3. Teeth polishing: Removal of dark stains and plaque build-up that cannot be removed simply by uniquely using scaling techniques, let alone by just brushing your teeth at home.

4. Topical fluoride treatment: fluoride is potentially the most convenient way to help prevent tooth decay. Fluoride restores enamel, protecting teeth from dental decay, while also providing strength to the areas where teeth’s enamel has begun eroding. Fluoride is a mineral that is found to be naturally present in many foods and water supplies, and is also proven to protect teeth from cavities. Many toothpastes and mouth rinses contain some fluoride, however, we recommend a more thorough application of fluoride during your dental cleanings, as it benefits our patient’s long-term oral health.

Please note* - For young children not requiring calculus removal, a dental assistant may carry out the cleaning.

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