Root Canal Therapy in Red Deer, Alberta

Having a diseased tooth, in the past, typically resulted in the need for an extraction. Today, with the availability of numerous options for salvaging a diseased tooth, root canal therapy is a highly common option. Each tooth contains pulp, which is a relic of the tissue that formed it - It also contains nerve tissues and blood vessels. When a tooth is broken or damaged it makes way for bacteria to enter the pulp chamber, which can result in an accumulation of bacteria inside the tooth. If such an infected tooth is left untreated, pus may develop at the root’s tip, causing swelling and pain.

Root canal therapy removes the harmful bacteria and inflamed tissues from inside the pulp chamber of the infected tooth. It is followed up by the application of a specialized filling material, below the gum line, within the nerve channel. It is a highly practical option for saving an infected tooth, which would otherwise require an tooth extraction. Some patients prefer to extract a diseased tooth but what they don’t realize is that gaps between teeth can cause broader complications for your oral well-being.

The procedure involves drilling an opening into the tooth’s crown and pulp chamber. Diseased pulp is then reshaped or removed. The final phase entails permanently sealing the void with a crown made of gold or porcelain, dependent upon your preference.

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Root Canal Therapy in Red DeerRoot Canal Therapy in Red Deer AB

Root Canal Therapy in Red Deer AlbertaRoot Canal Therapy Red Deer

Root Canal Therapy Red Deer AB