Dental Sealants in Red Deer, Alberta

Dental Sealants in Red DeerDental Sealants are specialized barriers that help prevent teeth from procuring decay or cavities. There is virtually no way to prevent cavities more effectively than by applying dental sealants to your teeth. They are plastic coatings that are applied to the exterior (chewing surfaces) of teeth, with an emphasis on the surfaces of back teeth (premolars and molars) which are especially prone to becoming decayed.

By covering teeth’s cavernous pits and grooves with an impermeable layer, dental sealants help to prevent decay by providing a smooth, easy surface to clean.

Dental sealants are applied by thoroughly cleaning and drying teeth, then applying a solution that helps the sealants to bond to their respective surfaces. The sealant is painted over each tooth’s enamel; bonding directly to it as it hardens. As long as the coating remains undamaged, the surface of the treated teeth will remain protected. Sealants protect patients from procuring decay and cavities for an average of a couple of years, but will require intermittent follow-up visits in order to ensure that they do not require any premature reapplication, as seen in cases of unconventional wear and tear.

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