Preventive & Restorative Dentistry Red Deer - House Dental Centre

Preventive Dentistry - Sealants, Screening, and Cleaning

  • Dental Examination and Professional Teeth Cleaning 
Red Deer Dentists and Hygienists at House Dental Centre will provide you with prophylaxis / dental hygiene treatments for the whole family.

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  • Orthodontic Screenings for Tooth Eruption, Growth and Development 
Aligning children's, adults and teenagers' teeth..

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  • Dental sealants 
Your Dentist in Red Deer will apply a barrier that provides protection against plaque and tartar, which reduces the chances of dental cavities.

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A very important part of your regular oral hygiene includes paying regular visits to your dentist. Although many of our patients regularly clean their teeth, a professional dental cleaning (dental prophylaxis), entails the removal of plaque, bacteria, calculus, and surface stains from your teeth. This is carried out by a qualified dental hygienist, and is recommended at least every 6 months.

Further to dental cleanings, our staff carries out periodontal therapy (non-surgical gum therapy), which aims to reverse harmful bacterial infections and repair any damage they have caused to your gums.

Upon determining whether or not gum disease is present, we may recommend treatment for gum therapy to rid your mouth of anything from mild gingivitis to periodontitis.

Gum disease is usually painless until it reaches its advanced stages - so it can go unnoticed for a long time.

Restorative Dental Care | Replacing Missing Teeth & Repairing Damaged Teeth

  • Dental Bridges - Our Red Deer dentists can utilize non-surgical techniques to replace one or more missing teeth using dental crowns (also referred to as dental caps)

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  • Dental Crowns - Also known as dental caps, are custom made from porcelain or metals. They cap off / encase a damaged tooth (chipped, worn-down or otherwise damaged)

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  • Porcelain Veneers - Thin plastic or porcelain shells that "slide" over a tooth that needs a quick makeover. It functions similar to being a mask that a tooth can wear. Porcelain offers durability and stain resistance.

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  • Root Canal Therapy - A tooth can die if its dental pulp becomes infected for too long. Infection can be caused by practically any type of damage to your teeth.

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  • Teeth Whitening - our dentist and staff can alter the colouration of your teeth right in Parkvale in Red Deer. We are located north of Red Deer College.

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  • Dental Implants - Affixed to your jawbone to replace a missing tooth, these offer a more permanent option when compared to dentures & dental bridges. If your dental implant requires maintenance, we can help you with that.

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  • Dentures and Partial Dentures - A denturist can create custom teeth to substitute missing teeth you may have.

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Our Red Deer dentists and staff understand that broken or damaged teeth can happen as a result of a blow to a tooth, worn teeth, eating disorders, genetics and numerous other factors can have an impact on the look of your teeth, and whether they remain in place.

Missing a tooth, or several teeth, can cause complications to come up - Including hindrances to eating comfortably, enunciating speech, and appearance.

Using the above services (more info if you click on them) Dentists, Dr. George and Dr. Lindsey House can work with you right in our Red Deer dental clinic.

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